Brevity Wit Productions is a full-service production company and post house that focuses on creating top-notch premium content, as well as finding and developing a wide range of unique and diverse material for film, television, and digital media.

The company was founded by its principal producers, Jillian Jesk and Alexander Koehne. The duo began working together 5 years ago producing short form content for the web. Since then, they have come to specialize in storytelling with depth, as well as keying into new trends in entertainment, media, and technology.

With backgrounds in television, film, commercials, sports, and short form production, Brevity Wit produces high-quality projects with integrity. Since forming the company in 2015, Brevity Wit has curated a prolific offering of great content, ranging from highly regarded indie films and series, to commercials and multimedia presentations.

Recent Brevity Wit partners include Lionsgate, Vimeo, New Form, Fullscreen, Vertical Networks, Comic Con HQ, Adaptive Studios and more. Brevity Wit champions diversity and opportunity – partnering with both well-known and fresh talent, to develop and produce original content from script writing through distribution.